Thursday, July 29, 2010

Headbands and elastics and scrunchies, OH MY!

My daughter and I have been sharing a drawer for hair barrettes, combs, and clips for a while now. I don't mind sharing spaces with her, but she is getting more and more "girlie" every day, and we have been running out of space in our small bathroom to keep everything organized. So while I was at the dollar store recently, I spotted a box of 10 small, adhesive hooks for - you guessed it - $1.00 ... and I found her a space in the bathroom to keep her barrettes neatly organized.

She loves having her things hanging here, separated from mine. I think I might need to add a small mirror to the other door ... but of course then I might never get time to get myself all dolled up in my own bathroom anymore!

I think I'm gonna buy some more of those little hooks and try this neat trick in my kitchen! No more disorganized measuring spoons!

P.S. By the picture, I think my husband is excited at the prospect of no longer finding these things all over the bathroom floor! 

1 comment:

  1. Cree, this is wonderful. Little girls are always thrilled to have their own space for things. :) And the hooks in the kitchen is genius. We have our measuring spoons hanging just like that on the inside of our baking cabinet and it's awesome.