Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting!

Living with my kids is like living in a goofy comedy movie filled with Looney Tunes and Power Rangers. My son loves to race through the house, strike random warrior poses, and kick things. My daughter likes to see how many ridiculous things that she can say with one breath, laugh hysterically for no apparent reason, and her favorite sport is spinning in circles until she can't stand up anymore.

They get along really well with one another, really ... until she spins herself into a frenzy and falls into his foot while it's flying through the air (and it wasn't aimed at her intentionally, mind you).

Of course, then she starts crying so I figured I should make him apologize, even though it WAS an accident ... but the stubborn little boy refused to say that he was sorry! I mean he literally chose to stand in the corner rather than just give his big sis a quick hug and a simple apology! So he winds up in time out and she's crying with an icepack on her cheek, and all the while I'm trying my best not to laugh at the whole crazy situation.

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