Thursday, April 1, 2010

12 Skills in a Year - February (Blogging)

For the skill to learn in February, I tried my hand at blogging. After spending so much time/money on my January skill (knitting) I needed something that wouldn't require me to buy any new tools. My sister suggested blogging ... it would give me a journal and a venue to document my "12 Skills in a Year" attempt.

I've gotta say, the basics were easy; to start a blog, there is very little you need to know. I simply went to and BAM! I had an account set up and ready to go. I think the hardest part was deciding what to create a blog about ... I actually spent a few days of deliberation on that before deciding on this blog and my other ( Then I searched on the internet for blogs that are dedicated to helping you learn more about blogging, and here I am today.

I think the most difficult thing for me now is actually finding the time to sit down and formulate a post. I think about things to write about several times throughout the day ... but it's one thing to have it in your head, and a completely other thing to actually sit down and write it down. I think I need to work on my scheduling and organization, but that might be a skill that will need to wait for another month. ;)

In the end, if you are looking to create a blog, I really recommend Blogger or Blogspot. I haven't used any other hosting services, but these 2 are through Google and I find them pretty easy to navigate. And do some searching on the web for ideas and tips. The books I got from the Library on blogging weren't very helpful.

Good luck!

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