Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Felt Tooth Pillow

I've decided that the tooth fairy has a hard job. I mean, digging around under the pillow of a sleeping kid just to find a teensy-weensy little piece of bone? Not to mention trying desperately not to wake up that sleeping child in order to keep her identity a secret. It must be difficult.

The tooth fairy tried to visit our house a few nights ago, and it wasn't pretty. I heard that she searched for nearly 10 minutes to find my daughters tooth, even though we had thoughtfully placed it in a plastic sandwich bag so that it would be easier for her. When she finally felt that bag in her fingers and yanked ... she nearly woke the silly girl who had a death-grip on that plastic baggie in her sleep! Needless to say ... the tooth fairy gave up after that, and left my daughter a note saying she'd be back the next day.

To make it easier for her (she's got at least 24 more trips to our house ... YIKES!), I made this tooth pillow out of a few pieces of scrap felt that I had laying around. It was pretty easy: trace tooth shape onto two pieces of white felt, sew pink pocket on one side (leaving top open), place white pieces right-sides together, sew - leaving a space to turn inside out, turn inside out, stuff, and stitch the opening closed. Okay ... it sounds a little more involved than it really is. Anyway, I thought it turned out pretty cute, and thought I'd share!

Anyone else have a crazy tooth fairy story to share?

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